Dmitry Borisoglebsky (dborisog) wrote,
Dmitry Borisoglebsky

Fund this research to live longer!

I just funded this research project for $50 due to the following reasons. This is a research project on life extension and I do want to live longer. I like some people who make this project to happen. I'll get a signed book from the most famous beard in the world of gerontology, and oh, boy, I do like books. This is a grassroot research that incorporates collaboration of people from different continents, nationalities, and countries, -- someday I'll write a post on why this idea is so appealing to me. Don't ask me to rate these reasons by importance, I would be unable to provide the answer.

Though check if these reasons are important to you.

And for clarification purposes I'll write down the opposite of my rationale:
- I don't want to live longer, or even I want to die sooner.
- I dislike or don't know these people.
- Books should be burned and Aubrey freaks me out.
- Science is evil, and if some science should be done, it should be totally controlled by the government in secret by other countries, the technologies of radical life extension should be in control of few.

Watch the video and make the right decision. Like I did.

Tags: drug, project, science, social, technology, transhumanism
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